Zorbe indoor spill clean up kit for pubs, hotels, kitchens, nighclubs, public venues

Zorbe indoor spill clean up kit for pubs, hotels, kitchens, nighclubs, public venues
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Product Information

New Product: Zorbe Indoor / hospitality Spill clean up kit

Use in home, office, restaurant, bar, nighclub, childcare centre, nursing home or workplace

Combining the all new Zorbe indoor spill clean up absorbent powder this kit  is a public vevue and hospitality providers best companion.  Clean up messy spill involving, food, beverage, blood, body fluids, oil, paint and just about any liquid with ease. The Zorbe indoor spill clean up kit can be used on hard floor surfaces, carpet and upholstery.  Perfect for use in vehicles, ships, planes, taxis, buses, coaches.

Features: Cost effective and convenient way of cleaning up messy liquids & semi liquids on all surfaces Safe and effective on blood and body fluids Fast and easy to use. Child freindly and safe to use around food stuff.

 Benefits: Save time Reduce slip / fall incidents Reduce risk of staff infection Reduce cut risk on broken glass Reduce down time Reduce customer inconvenience

Applications: Bars & night clubs Restaurants, cafes and kitchens Shopping centres Supermarkets Sport venues & arenas Schools & child care centres Age care facilities Ships, boats, ferries Taxis, buses, coaches Home, office and factories

Contents: 1 x 20 litre labelled pail Spillzorbe indoor absorbent powder, 1 x special rubber blade broom with squeegee blade, 1 x lobby pan, 20 x wastes disposal bags, 20 x paper wipes, 1 x carton nitrile rubber gloves

20 litre drum with easy to apply plastic scoop

Other accessories available

The best solution for cleaning up messy spills that involve messy body fluids, broken glass or liquids, food and beverage that spill onto floor surfaces in public venues / arenas.  A sure way to prevent slips and falls, cut injuries and contamination of staff and workers.

Product Code ZIA20
Weight 6.000Kg

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