SpillZorbe Zeolite Floor Absorbent 15 litre

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 SpillZorbe Zeolite  Floor Absorbent 15 litre bags ( optional 2.5kg small bags for vehicle kits also available ) 


Premium grade floor sweep "kitty litter" style absorbent material

New Zealand Zeolite wholesale Spillfix.  Nushine is a bulk wholesale distributor for Spillfix International.  Wholesale Spillzorbe absorbent direct from our Global spill response network.  We cana replenish your spill station and spill kits with premium grade products.

The best and most versitile Mineral based  floor sweep absorbent in Australia

Used by emergency response and management organisations for its ability to absorb most chemicals.

WHY You Should USE:  Natural Zeolite SpillZorbe
 SpillZorbe Zeolite only contains 7% moisture content making it 30% more effective an absorbent than kitty litter. SpillZorb locks in any absorbed products for life and will notrelease them into the environment when placed back into landfill.
  • All natural heat sterilised mineral , contains no chemicals
  • Exceeds EPA landfill tests
  • Absorbes immediately on contact
  • Super absorbant capacity
  • Maintains strength intergrity when fully absorbed
  • Reduces slippage and makes cleanup easy
  • Particle size gradation designed to maxamise absorption efficiency
  • De-dusted to reduce surface bogging and improves handling
  • Absorbes Odours

 WHY Not To Use: Kitty Litter- Kitty Litteris made of clay which contains over 40% moisture content locked into the clay particles. This means you have less absortion rate before you even start to use the product. Environmentally the kitty litter is worst for the environment because when it is in the ground the kitty litter clay releases any particles that it has absorbed into the water table. Thus any oils and fuels are released.

SpillZorbe Product Applications

  • Workshops, garages, yards, roads
  • Hydraulic fluids and oils
  • Cooking Oils
  • Paints and Inks
  • Bitumen
  • Mild Acids
  • Fuels and Oils
  • In waste bins
  • Vomit
  • Industrial - can be used on a range of chemicals
  • Ammonia Spills
  • Glue

SpillZorbe Rubber Broom Also Sold Separately

Cheap kitty litter style absorbent for the safe and effective clean up of spills

Spillfix Intenational: Perth, Melbourne, Vietnam

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