Glow in the dark rock

Glow in the dark rock
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Product Information

 Glow in the dark aggregate / rock

Suitable for pressing into concrete driveways and paths

Decorate gardens and planters

Add to resin and apply to walls and fixtures

Charges up with just 15 minutes of natural light exposure and luminates for twelve hours plus

Available in green glow, aqua blue glow or sky blue glow


2: Glow in the dark aggregate rock (green, blue, aqua)

Glow rock gravel, also known as glow in the dark aquarium rock, paving gravel , is manufactured from plastic resin or glass powder.

As candle embeds, the pieces are very lightweight and easily suspending a medium density gel wax.

The product has a useable recharge life of 20 years, it can be used both indoor and outdoor.

Glow irregular rock: three colors of yellow green, aqua, sky blue.


Size: 6cm to 15cm irregularly.

sold per kg

Product Code AGR1
Condition New
Weight 1.000Kg

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